I want to thank you for visiting my web-site devoted to remembering the good old days.

As I grew older I thought more and more about my past and growing up to see all of the changes that have come about in Williamsport PA. 

Many of my friends from childhood have moved away and over the years I have lost contact with classmates for one reason or another, but mostly it was my fault, because I started my own business and was lost in the financial world trying to survive. 

Now that I am retired and have time, I would like to give something back to the people and preserve some memories of Williamsport and Your Home Town by way of this web-site. 

You can contribute to the memories by telling us about your experiences and life while growing up in Your Home Town. I don’t know about you but I have lots of stories to tell, many that make me laugh just by thinking about them. 

Maybe you have a special person that changed your life and you would like to say thank you. Mine was Mr. Ron Kaler, my home room teacher at Stevens Jr High School (1954-1956), Mr. Kaler was the teacher that I judged all of my teachers by the rest of my life, a special thank you Mr. Kaler, also a special thank you to my best friend and life long companion, my wife Pat.

Thank You

Calvin Tilley

Williamsport PA. 17701

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