Old Time Radio

Old Time Radio was fabulous. I remember listing to many radio shows such as The Shadow, The Lone Ranger, Gunsmoke, Jack Benny, and many more. Do you remember waiting to have your name mentioned on the radio from Santa Clause?   WOW 

IMG 0317

This is a 1940 Philco Antique floor model radio.

I purchased this beauty on E-Bay and its in 100% Original condition. The radio was found in an attic in California, still in the original box and un-opened, at an estate sale, then listed on E-Bay.

Every time I listen or just look at this radio it brings back so many memories for me because it’s the same make and model that my Mom and Dad had when I was a boy. The quality of sound is truly amazing and will compare to any Bose radio that we have today and it’s 76 years old.

220px-Harold peary-2

Harold Perry as

Throckmorton P Gildersleeve

250px-Fibber and Molly 1937

Fibber McGee & Molly

James Jordan (Fibber)


Marian Driscoll (Molly)

amos-n-andy-photo med

Amos ’n’ Andy 

Freemad Gosden (Amos)

Charles Correll (Andy)


The Bickersons

Don Ameche  (John)


Frances Langford (Blanch)

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