I will always Wonder!

One day I visited the Lycoming Mall to buy some things , the year was about 1965 as I remember. While I was walking through the mall and looking around a funny thing happened to me. There were two beautiful girls walking toward me and I could not take my eyes off of one of them. There was just something about her, and for the life of me I could not put my finger on it. I felt a strange warm feeling come over me like I knew her my whole life and yet I also knew that I had never met her before at least in this life!

As they walked by I just stopped in my tracks and shook my head because the feeling did not go away, so I turned around to look at her and to my surprise she had also stopped and turned around and was looking at me. We just stared at each other for what seemed like a life time, and at this point her girlfriend said, Oh My God, whats with the two of you, as we continued to stare at each other. At this point her girlfriend pulled her by her arm and said come on, get over it.

Now I wish that I would have walked over and talked to her about what had just happened. To this day, and I am 77 years old, I think about her now and then and that warm feeling comes over me.

 I wonder if she has flashbacks also?

Calvin T  -   Williamsport Pa.

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