Balls Mills - The Final Days

The final days of the Balls Mills mill

The final days of the Balls Mills mill | News, Sports, Jobs - Williamsport Sun-Gazette

Apr 10, 2019

A Lycoming County landmark which is 158 years old is being dismantled at

Balls Mills, four miles north of Williamsport, stated the caption with this

photo published April 10, 1969.

The mill was erected in 1811 and all machinery in it was made of hand-hewn

timbers. Some of the wooden gears are still to be found in the ruins of the


No nails or metal was used in constructing them.

The mill came into the possession of William Ball about 1815 but had been

erected by his father-in-law, a man named Weisel.

Later, it was operated by Isaac Ball, a son of William. The elder Ball was one

of Lycoming Countyʼs earliest rural industrialists. He operated a fulling mill,

clover mill, woolen factory and sawmill in Hepburn Township.

Another son, Samuel, invented a grain cradle and added it in 1847 to the

familyʼs enterprises.

It passed out of existence when the threshing machine was developer.

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