Franklin Hosiery Mill

My dad worked for the Franklin Hosiery Mill making women's silk stockings in Philadelphia during the 1930s and when the mill moved to Reading and he went with them. This is where he met my Mom and then they followed as Franklin Hosiery moved the mill to Williamsport on Rose Street at the former Weldon's Building. By this time they no longer used silk, they changed to nylon.

I use to watch my dad at work running 2 of these long machines, side stepping all day long threading the bobbins and making dozens of pair at a time. The machine must have been 60 feet long. His hands moved in a blur because he was so fast, a real master of his trade.

I also watched him in extreme pain from leg cramps in the middle of the night.

Years later the mill moved to Jersey Shore on Oliver Street and was there until it closed its doors forever.

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