Memories of Memorial Park

Memories of Memorial Park

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Picture of me in center and my sister on left taken in summer 1943

One sunny day about twenty-five years ago when I was 50 I decided to visit Memorial Park in Williamsport and walk around. While doing so I thought about all of the great times I had here when I was a young boy. 

As I looked around I remembered the big sliding board that use to be here. It was so high that we were all afraid to climb up the long stairs to get to the top. I remember my Dad setting me between his legs and taking me down the slide and WOW! what a ride that was, I will never forget. Now it is long gone but for our memories. To this day I have never seen a sliding board as high as that one was, probably because everyone is afraid of getting sued. 

 As I got older we use to slide down on wax paper and it would get as fast as grease lightning  and we would end up sliding across the grass on our back sides because we could not get to our feet in time.

I thought about all the kids that I played with here at the park and later on we played ball across the street at the Original Little League.

I am standing next to Johnny Lindenmuth, our manager.    1953 

 I thought about all of the kids that moved away and I lost contact with and wondered what happened to them as time moved on.

Calvin T.  Williamsport Pa.

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